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Tomita KOZO V Collection: Highest quality "Japanese paper" in a traditional style with a contemporary finish.

Tomita’s latest collection KOZO V is 100% hand-crafted in Tottori, Japan. Kozo is a type of mulberry tree which is specially used to create Washi paper. As Kozo trees have a larger population in Tottori, it is where some of the best Washi factories are located. The making of Washi requires a high level of sophistication and patient. From extracting the Kozo wood pulp to ironing and cropping the pieces, each stage was treated with excessive amount of care and professionalism.

Tomita not only respect the traditional technology, they are constantly keeping up with the trend. While Ecological issue was starting to raise public awareness in the 90’s, Tomita as an environmental friendly business was one of the pioneers in Asia to manufacture high eco standard wallcovering.
This helps Tomita achieving further status in the Worldwide interior business.

The colours you are viewing may not be an accurate depiction of the actual product colours.

Click here to see Tomita KOZO V Wallpaper Samples.

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