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ARTE Memento Collection: Refined, embossed non-woven wallcovering with metallic prints.

The latest Arte collection will not leave you indifferent. Memento, the name of the new collection, is fascinating, inspirational and consistently just that little bit different however long you look at it and as often as you look at it. This is because this wallcovering appears to be alive and constantly changing, like a chameleon. It is a thrilling spectacle.

Memento has a discreet colour palette but is anything but 'dull'. Some refer-ences feature matching tones while others offer combinations and perfectly coordinated tones. This collection does not feature any striking contrasts. The entire collection is peaceful and harmonious. There are beige tones, light and slightly darker grey, silver, gold and bronze tones as well as fresh green and a heart-warming golden yellow.

Memento offers endless options. At first glance this collection may appear to err towards the more traditional but appearances can be deceptive because with a little ingenuity and courage some products can act as the perfect backdrop for modern furniture. You just have to dare to take
the plunge.

The colours you are viewing may not be an accurate depiction of the actual product colours.

Click here to see ARTE Memento Wallpaper Samples.

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